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Introducing "The Best of CommScope"


Following its employee engagement survey, company leaders tackle recognition

BoCSCommScope conducted its global employee engagement survey in October 2013. Leaders expected participation to hover around 60 percent. Once the results were tabulated, 78 percent of CommScope employees had participated. The results were eye-opening, revealing the many strengths of the company and several opportunities for improvement.

The two entries with the most favorable responses read:

  • 81 percent of employees responded favorably to the statement, “I am proud to be associated with CommScope.”
  • 72 percent of employees responded favorably to the statement, “I would recommend CommScope as a great place to work.”

The two entries with the least favorable responses read:

  • 57 percent of employees responded favorably to the statement, “My immediate manager gives me regular feedback on my performance.”
  • 49 percent of employees responded favorably to the statement, “CommScope makes adequate use of recognition and rewards.”

Once the data was finalized and shared with employees, it became clear that a large number of survey respondents felt the company could do a better job giving non-monetary recognition to the employees. Led by Joanne Townsend, senior vice president of Global Human Resources, the HR team wasted no time developing creative ways to address the opportunity.

In 2014, the HR team unveiled a new employee recognition initiative called The Best of CommScope.

“We benchmarked 25 top companies, including Apple, Intel and IBM. They all have an active reward and recognition program, which tells us the world’s best companies believe it’s important to have a formal process for letting employees know they are valued,” said Tina Garrett, vice president, HR Global Commercial.

Thanks to the efforts of Tina and CommScope HR professionals around the globe, The Best of CommScope emphasizes the importance of inspiring a culture where employee contributions are highly valued. It acts as the umbrella under which all team, local, regional and global recognition programs will reside.

The Best of CommScope gives us a formal structure within which we can build a world-class employee recognition and reward program,” said Joanne Townsend, senior vice president, Global Human Resources. “Through this program, we can more readily acknowledge the great work our employees do and let them know they are the reason CommScope is successful.”

Soon after The Best of CommScope was established, the company introduced the first of many awards: the Star Award. The award gives managers the opportunity to recognize exceptional employee performance. The award has three levels of monetary value that can be given as cash or a gift card. So far, more than 350 exemplary recipients have been honored with the award.

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