CommScope, founded in 1976, has a history that reaches back decades earlier by virtue of its origin as a product line within Superior Cable Corporation and the transformational acquisitions of Avaya's Connectivity Solutions (SYSTIMAX®) and Andrew Corporation. As the years have passed, the company has evolved from its founding as a cable manufacturer to become a global, diversified provider of broadband, enterprise and wireless infrastructure solutions.

From its beginning, CommScope has played a role in virtually all the world's best communication networks. We create the infrastructure that connects people and technologies through every evolution. Our portfolio of end-to-end solutions includes everything our customers need to build high-performing wired and wireless networks. As much as technology changes, our goal remains the same: to help our customers create, innovate, design, and build faster and better. We'll never stop connecting and evolving networks for the business of life at home, at work, and on the go.


Historical Timeline

1937Dr. Victor J. "Doc" Andrew establishes the Victor J. Andrew, Manufacturing and Consulting Engineer sole proprietorship, a communications equipment manufacturer and service provider, on Chicago's South Side. The company sells communication products and services to radio broadcasting stations, police departments and airlines in the Chicago area.
1938Andrew offers the first smooth wall air-dielectric 70 ohm coaxial cable.

Andrew supplies coaxial cable and other telecommunications components to the U.S. military during World War II.

1947Doc Andrew incorporates his sole-proprietorship in the State of Illinois as Andrew Corporation. Doc serves as chairman of the board and chief executive officer, his wife Aileen as president, and C. Russell Cox as general manager. That same year Decibel®, a Texas manufacturing firm that Andrew later acquires, produces its first base station antennas.
1948Andrew sells high power coaxial transmission lines to AM, FM and television broadcasters, entering the commercial broadcast industries.
1949Andrew's sells automatic-heat regenerative dehydrators for pressurized transmission lines.
1950sAndrew enters the microwave antenna field, finding markets in both civilian and military communications.
1951Andrew opens a manufacturing facility in California in 1951 to serve West Coast defense markets.
1953Superior Cable Corporation is founded in Hickory, North Carolina. Superior's primary product line is telephone cables.
1953Andrew signs a licensing agreement with the German firm Hackethal Wire and Cable of Hannover, West Germany, introducing air-dielectric coaxial cable to the U.S. market. Andrew uses the name HELIAX® to brand this and most of its subsequent cables. The term becomes an industry standard.
1960sAndrew responds to the growth of long-haul telephone networks with advanced multi-band microwave antennas.
1960Andrew moves all of its Chicago-based operations to Orland Park, Illinois, which becomes the company's world headquarters for the next 46 years.
1963Andrew offers corrugated HELIAX® waveguide for the first time.
1964The CommScope product line is first manufactured by Superior Cable for their coaxial cables.
1965Andrew introduces corrugated HELIAX® foam-dielectric coaxial cable.
1966Superior Cable begins manufacturing in the Sherrill's Ford community in Catawba County, North Carolina.
1966Andrew begins manufacturing operations in Australia and Scotland.
1967Continental Telephone Company buys Superior Cable Corporation and forms CommScope as a division under the new company, Superior Continental Corporation.
1969Andrew expands its HELIAX® cable family with the new FSJ-series superflexible, deeply helically corrugated foam-dielectric coaxial cable.
1970sAndrew transitions from a central core of government and military business to one focused on the intercity telephone market. Andrew also beings supplying satellite communications antennas to radio and television broadcasters globally.
1971Doc Andrew dies on October 30 at the age of 68. Russell Cox is elected president and chief executive officer, and serves in these functions for the next 12 years.
1972Andrew introduces RADIAX® radiating coaxial cable, a "leaky" cable for in-building RF coverage.
1973Andrew expands its manufacturing to Latin America.
1976Superior Continental sells the CommScope division to a group of Hickory-area investors headed by Frank Drendel.
1977CommScope merges with Valtec, Inc., an independent leader in fiber optic technology.
1978CommScope enters the optical fiber business and offers a standard loose-tube outside plant cable.
1978Andrew introduces its HELIAX® LDF-series annularly corrugated foam-dielectric coaxial cable, another evolution for transmission line technology. Andrew manufactures the world's first 12 meter C-band earth station antenna; and the world's first Ku-band 2.4-meter dual reflector earth station antenna the following year.
1979Valtec helps launch C-SPAN by donating fiber-optic line and equipment to link the U.S. House of Representatives to the C-SPAN studios.
1980Valtec is sold to M/A-COM, Inc. to strengthen and diversify both companies' product lines. CommScope becomes part of the Cable Home Group for M/A-COM.
1980Andrew becomes a U.S. publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange (symbol: ANDW) with an initial stock offering of 1.1 million shares at $18.50 each. During this decade, Andrew begins to restructure to capitalize on cellular technology
1980Andrew launches Decibel base station antennas in support the first commercial cellular installation.
1983AT&T Bell Laboratories develops the first structured cabling system known as the AT&T Premises Distribution System; the precursor to SYSTIMAX® structured cabling.
1983The Network Cable division of CommScope is established for local area network, data communications, TVRO and specialized wire markets.
1983Floyd L. English succeeds Russell Cox as president and chief executive officer of Andrew. English launches an aggressive acquisition program that continues until 1990. Andrew also launches the world's first dual-band, four-port terrestrial microwave antenna.
1985Andrew launches the world's first Ku-band earth station antenna for satellite news gathering trucks and world's first C-band uplink earth station antenna.
1986M/A-COM, Inc. sells the Cable Home Group to General Instrument Corporation. CommScope becomes a division of General Instrument.
1987Andrew opens a manufacturing facility in Richardson, Texas.
1988Under the direction of Frank Drendel, the CommScope division of General Instrument Corporation is restructured.
1989AT&T applies for and receives the trademark SYSTIMAX® for its premises distribution system and begins using the SYSTIMAX® mark thereafter.
1990sDuring this decade, Andrew focuses its products, services and solutions on the wireless infrastructure market.
1990CommScope again becomes a division of General Instrument, owned by Forstmann, Little and Company.
1990CommScope opens a manufacturing plant in Claremont, North Carolina.
1991Andrew produces the world's first large aperture earth station antenna (7.3 meter) approved for Intelsat F-3 standards, and the world's first automatic membrane dehydrator.
1992Andrew manufactures the first profile dual-mode SPIRA-CONE® high frequency antenna.
1993Andrew manufacturers the world's first terrestrial microwave antenna with direct radio integration capability (later branded as ValuLine®). The 46-cm DTH antenna system becomes an industry standard.
1994CommScope introduces ultra copper cables and is specified to 350 MHz.
1994Andrew manufacturers the world's first fiber optic distributed antenna system for indoor wireless coverage, called Britecell® (now ION™-B). Andrew introduces variable tilt technology in its base station antennas the same year.
1995CommScope is the first to provide 4-pair cables that are PowerSum NEXT compliant.
1995Andrew acquires Teletilt® technology, a remote control electrical tilt antenna system, which eventually plays a major role in the company's base station antenna offerings. Geometrix®, a mobile phone locating system of Grayson Wireless, which is later acquired by Andrew, is used in the world's first location of mobile phones for commercial use.
1996 CommScope introduces the Ultra II® family of enhanced copper cables.
1996AT&T spins off Lucent Technologies and the SYSTIMAX® brand.
1996Andrew expands its distribution network to meet market demand for next-day delivery capability for a wide range of its products. The world's first free antenna system planning software, Powertools™, and die-castable elliptical feedhorns for DTH antennasare also released.
1997CommScope introduces the first outdoor rated Category 5 cables.
1997CommScope begins trading as an independent company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CTV).
1997Andrew opens a manufacturing facility in Goa, India. The company launches digital airport surveillance radar antennas, SureFlex™ cable assemblies, and HELIAX® RingFlare™ connectors the same year.
1998CommScope introduces Isolite® foamed UTP which improves installation, termination and velocity of propagation.
1998 Andrew opens a manufacturing and R&D facility in Suzhou, China. Andrew also releases its ValuLine high performance low profile terrestrial microwave antenna and RADIAX RCT series radiating cable lines.
1999CommScope announces a 5-year, $135 million expansion in Catawba County, N.C., significantly expanding its fiber optic and wireless manufacturing, R&D capabilities.
2000Lucent Technologies spins off Avaya and the SYSTIMAX® brand.
2000 CommScope introduces UltraPipe® Category 6 with performance of 550 MHZ. The company also expands with a distribution facility in Nevada.
2001CommScope enters into a joint venture partnership with Furukawa Electric of Japan and acquires interest in Lucent's fiber optic cable business as part of Furukawa's purchase of Lucent's Optical Fiber Solutions business. The resulting partnership's name is OFS BrightWave and is based in Norcross, Georgia.
2001Geometrix delivers the world's first mobile phone location to a public safety answering point and is used in the world's first wireless E911 system. Multi-beam DTH and VSAT antennas, the Invex3G® air interface measurement and optimization tool, and SnapStak™ stackable snap-in hangers are also released this year.
2002 Andrew expands into the active components marketplace for wireless subsystems by acquiring Celiant Corporation, a spin-off of Lucent Technologies and one of the world's leading suppliers of RF power amplifiers. The company introduces the world's first disposable dehydrator and a 5.6 meter Ka-band earth station antenna supporting broadband Internet access via satellite.
2003Andrew becomes the leading RF subsystem supplier by acquiring Allen Telecom Inc., the parent firm of Comsearch, Decibel Products, FOREM, Grayson Wireless, MIKOM and Tekmar Sistemi.
2003Andrew opens manufacturing plants in Brno, Czech Republic, and Reynosa, Mexico.
2003Ralph E. Faison is appointed president and chief executive officer of Andrew when Floyd English retires from those posts to become chairman of the board.
2004CommScope acquires Avaya's Connectivity Solutions business. As a result, SYSTIMAX® Solutions, globally recognized as a world leader in enterprise cabling systems, becomes part of the CommScope Enterprise group. CommScope Carrier Solutions, which offers products designed for switching and transmission applications in telephone central offices as well as secure environmental enclosures, becomes part of the CommScope Wireless group.
2004CommScope and Furukawa restructure their relationship. CommScope no longer has any equity ownership in OFS BrightWave, LLC, but the companies establish a new four-year optical fiber supply agreement.
2004CommScope launches the Uniprise brand providing a full end-to-end solution.
2004Andrew expands its tower accessory product lines by acquiring selected steel assets from MTS Wireless Components LLC and increases its field services capabilities by acquiring selected assets of ATC Tower Services, Inc.
2004Andrew opens its third research and development facility in Shanghai, China. Charles Nicholas is appointed chairman of the board, replacing Floyd English.
2005CommScope opens a plant in Suzhou, China to manufacture broadband cables.
2006CommScope acquires Trilogys MC² trunk and distribution CATV products business.
2006Commscope celebrates 30th anniversary.
2006Andrew sells its Orland Park property and relocates its corporate headquarters to Westchester, Illinois. It also opens a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Joliet, Illinois.
2006 SYSTIMAX launches the iPatch® Real Time Infrastructure Management solution, enabling data center managers real time remote control over the network's physical infrastructure.
2006Andrew introduces the industry's first all-digital remote radio head.
2007CommScope expands WebTrak® to include fiber cables.
2007Gerald Poch is elected non-executive chairman of the board for Andrew, replacing Charles Nicholas. Andrew becomes the first company to manufacture both radio frequency cable products and antennas in India with the opening of its newly-built production facility in Goa.
2007Andrew's releases the industry's smallest category A 11 GHz ValuLine® III next generation microwave antenna.
2007CommScope acquires Andrew. Through its new Andrew Solutions brand, CommScope becomes a global leader in radio frequency subsystem solutions for wireless networks.
2007CommScope acquires Signal Vision, Inc. , a leading supplier of broadband RF subscriber products.
2008CommScope launches Uniprise ReadyPATCH® Cu and ReadyPATCH® Fiber Solutions for data center applications.
2009CommScope launches the SYSTIMAX® 360 solution, integrating its innovative copper, fiber and intelligence solutions forming the ultimate enterprise network infrastructure.
2010CommScope launches the BrightPath® Optical Solutions , marking the first time in the cable television industry that cable MSOs and other broadband network operators can purchase a comprehensive headend-to-the-customer solution for converged services from a single provider.
2010CommScope introduces Uniprise Ready™ fiber shelves expanding the fiber solution offering.
2010CommScope introduces Wired for Wireless Solution, providing owners and developers of new buildings and campuses with the infrastructure necessary—in advance—to eliminate weak or blocked signal areas from the outset and prepare them for better wireless coverage over the structure's lifetime.
2011The Carlyle Group, a global alternative asset manager, acquires CommScope. Now privately-owned, CommScope stock stops trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
2011CommScope acquires Montreal, Canada-based LiquidxStream Systems Inc., a leader in dense universal edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) systems.
2011CommScope launches the LxS-16016, what is believed at the time to be the cable industry's first all-digital, carrier-grade universal wideband edge QAM.
2011CommScope expands its Uniprise's global footprint into the Asia-Pacific region.
2011CommScope acquires Argus Technologies, a leading producer of innovative antenna solutions for wireless applications.
2011CommScope supplies the first active antennas in use in an LTE network field trial in North America.
2011CommScope expands its manufacturing capabilities to support the Chinese and Asian wireless market with a major expansion at one of its Suzhou facilities.
2012CommScope introduces Sentinel™ microwave antenna, designed to address rapidly increasing data traffic, spectrum scarcity and return on network investment. It is believed to be the first full line of European Telecommunications Standards InstituteClass 4 antennas.
2012CommScope launches the SYSTIMAX® imVision™ Infrastructure Management solution, allowing IT staff to view real-time, end-to-end circuit information during moves, adds and changes using a unique visual "trace while you patch" feature.
2012CommScope launches SYSTIMAX® InstaPATCH® QUATTRO, a pre-terminated copper connectivity solution designed to provide quick and easy deployment of large-scale cabling infrastructures in data centers as well as provide a future migration path to higher performance systems.
2012Shenzhen Tatfook Technology Co., Ltd., acquires CommScope's filter manufacturing subsidiary and serves as a long-term manufacturer of CommScope filter products used in wireless networks. Tatfook also purchases Forem (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., including CommScope's manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.
2012CommScope launches its PON (Passive Optical Network) solution, a solution that is flexible to accommodate both EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) and GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technologies.
2012CommScope introduces the Argus™ UltraBand believed to be the world's first ultra-wideband antenna system capable of supporting the four major air-interface standards in almost any wireless frequency range.
2013CommScope collaborates with Ooredoo to develop what is believed to be the world's first factory-assembled tower tops for base station remote radios, which are pre-assembled according to a single global design standard.
2013CommScope acquires iTRACS Corporation, a global leader in open, enterprise-class data center infrastructure management.
2013CommScope acquires Redwood Systems, Inc., an industry leader in LED lighting solutions and integrated sensor networks for data centers and buildings.
2013 CommScope launches the fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) Turnkey Solution™, enabling successful FTTA site deployments. Its Andrew SiteRise™ tower solution is believed to be the world's first pre-assembled tower top for RRU site architectures.
2013CommScope’s EPON solution receives the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Joint Interoperability Test Command certification, approving it to be use in U.S. Department of Defense networks.
2013CommScope begins trading as an independent company on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (NASDAQ: COMM).
2014CommScope introduces the ION®-E, unified wireless infrastructure platform designed around IT-based structured cabling architecture, making it friendly to both wireless operators and business enterprises alike.
2014CommScope introduces the DataCenter on Demand™ solution, providing a flexible, highly efficient, purpose-built alternative to the traditional brick and mortar data center.
2014CommScope has added production capabilities for its line of high-speed fiber optic connectivity solutions to its Bray, Ireland facility.
2014CommScope acquires the Alifabs Cabinets & Ancillaries unit in Yorkshire, England, a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of enclosures for the United Kingdom telecommunications, utility and energy markets, and the Alifabs Design & Construction business in Guildford, England, a leading supplier of a full range of cellular monopoles, smaller streetworks towers and tower solutions in the United Kingdom.

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