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E2O® (Electrical to Optical)

Customizable HFC cables for tomorrow's network

CommScope offers an innovative E2O® (Electrical to Optical) family of products that can be customized with any combination of coaxial cable, optical fiber and/or microducts wrapped inside a single, rugged sheath or pre-installed in a conduit. By deploying E2O solutions today, multi-system operators (MSOs) can reduce future installation costs while ensuring long-term migration strategies to PON, RFoG and other FTTx technologies. 

Because our E2O can be made to order, MSOs can specify the capacity and space they need to handle future upgrades with little to no additional CapEx. In addition, CommScope is the only manufacturer capable of producing your 75-ohm cable to customized lengths to match any fiber. So MSOs will only need to purchase what they need — no more, no less. 

E2O gives you the ability to include and combine:  

  • P3®, QR®, MC2® distribution coax 
  • Any count fiber cable 
  • Microduct for future micro-fiber blow-in 
  • Standard conduit 
  • Can be contained by single jacket or pre-installed in conduit (CIC)