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LazrSPEED® is the world's first multimode fiber-optic solution that supports 10 Gb/s serial transmission at 850 nanometers for distances over 300 meters. With just a single vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) transceiver, LazrSPEED can deliver blazing fast performance without the need for expensive high-precision lasers, combiners, splitters and filters. Ideal for in-building and campus backbone, these cables are designed for point-to-point applications as well as midspan access, and provide a high level of protection for fiber installed in the outside plant environment.

  • Offered in riser, plenum and LSZH rated distribution cables
  • Interlocking armored cables
  • Available as loose tube All-Dry or central core cables (gel-filled tubes)
  • Full range of singlemode/multimode composite cables
  • 1.6 mm and 3.0 mm patch cords with LC, SC, ST and hybrids
  • Backward compatible with legacy LAN applications
  • All LazrSPEED fibers are differential mode delay (DMD) tested
  • Supports current and next-generation LAN, SAN and WAN applications
WideBand Multimode Fiber Looking for Fiber that provides higher bandwidth?
Check out our LazrSPEED® WideBand Multimode Fiber page to learn more.

SAHMRI selects CommScope network infrastructure solutions to support world-class medical research

CommScope’s SYSTIMAX 360 solutions were used to implement and maintain a secure network infrastructure at a major research facility where connectivity performance is critical to research efficiency.
Publish Date: February 1, 2017
Region: APAC

Apr 3, 2017

Detangling a Cable Mess

It’s nice to know that if your data center needs an upgrade, you don’t have to re-do everything in the infrastructure. That’s if you at least have the right cabling to begin with. CommScope’s Dave Tanis shines a light on structured cabling and what it means for smooth transitions.
Mar 30, 2017

OM5 Fiber Gains Additional Momentum Within Industry

Significant developments around OM5 are positioning the fiber as a great choice for multimode installations. CommScope’s Matias Peluffo outlines the changes recently adopted at the ISO/IEC level in this blog.
Jan 26, 2017

The Data Relevance Within the Oil and Gas Market

The modernization and evolution of networks is more prevalent than any time before. No other market is requiring this more than in the oil and gas markets. Connectivity and intelligent solutions are needed to handle and all the data that is being sent from the fields. In this blog, Jerson Calderon explains why network evolution is critical for this market.
Jan 5, 2017

Top 10 CommScope Innovations: Structured Cabling Systems

When you think structured cabling, do you think CommScope? You should because this innovation (i.e., SYSTIMAX) enabled the entire enterprise industry. Learn more about this Top 10 Innovation by reading Gary Irwin’s blog.