Redwood® Intelligent Lighting Networks

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Redwood-LogoCut lighting costs by 75 percent—and discover new efficiencies across your data center operation

The Redwood LED intelligent lighting network solution from CommScope does much more than light your data center work spaces for about 75 percent less cost. It can also reveal new efficiencies across your entire operation. Integrated sensors detect motion, temperature and light levels, and report this comprehensive data through the solution’s easy-to-use software.

This high-level, holistic view of how your data center uses energy translates into actionable insight that integrates via its API with other building systems to reduce costs even further.

The Redwood intelligent lighting network solution—it’s a bright idea whose time has come.

  • Fixture-level tuning to maximize energy-efficiency savings
  • Sensor integration provides a high-density sensor network
  • Includes an API for integrating sensor data into BMS
  • Low-voltage infrastructure is easier to install, configure and maintain