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GigaSPEED X10D ImageThe smallest high-performance Category 6A cable available

GigaSPEED X10D® is our Category 6A copper solution that provides 10Gb Ethernet performance for improved bandwidth, data throughput and network efficiency. Using an innovative optimized material technology (OMT) platform, our GigaSPEED X10D cables not only feature a reduced core, but also offer optimized transmission performance — giving network managers increased rack space and airflow without introducing alien crosstalk. 

GigaSPEED X10D is easy to install, backwards compatible with 1G switches, and provides the additional bandwidth customers need for future applications, including 1G+ WLAN overlay guest networks and tomorrow’s webinar requirements.

  • Delivers unprecedented performance in insertion loss and all forms of crosstalk
  • Four-pair construction with finned inner jacket surface and center isolator member provide the extra margin of performance
  • Cables constructed with a single jacket for optimum size and improved handling
  • Offered in plenum, non-plenum and low smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) versions
  • Backed by CommScope's 20-year extended product warranty and applications assurance
  • RoHS compliant