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View all of our GigaSPEED XL® products below:

GigaSPEED XL ImageGigaSPEED XL® solutions deliver the most reliable and flexible high-performance Category 6 U/UTP media available anywhere. Our GigaSPEED XL cables feature a center bi-sector tape that provides the performance benefits of more traditional fluted center members without their typical stiffness and size. These cables exceed Category 6 standard by six decibels and are so advanced that they can support up to six connection points. The GigaSPEED XL family of unshielded twisted pair includes the non-plenum, plenum, and low-smoke zero-halogen cables.

  • Transmits reliable voice, data and video with excellent quality of service (QoS)
  • Can support network line speeds in excess of 1 gigabit per second
  • Combines with the GigaSPEED XL components to produce the ultimate in cabling system performance
  • Backed by 20-year extended product warranty and applications assurance
  • RoHS compliant