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Brochure: Uniprise North America Ordering Guide

The Uniprise ordering guide contains Category 6A and Category 6 structured cables and apparatus as well as fiber cables and apparatus. These products are sold in North America.
Publish Date: July 18, 2017
Region: NAR

Fiber Optic Connector and Adapter Cleaning Procedures Fiber Optic Connector and Adapter Cleaning Procedures 2 I) Cleaning Single Fiber Connectors (LC/SC/ST) and Adapters a) Connector Ferrule – Exposed Endface 1) Dry Cleaning: Using a reel-based cassette cleaner with medium pressure, wipe the connector endface against a dry cleaning clot
Publish Date: June 1, 2008
Region: Global

Ordering Guide: SYSTIMAX Solutions® Asia-Pacific

Ordering guide for SYSTIMAX Solutions products available in Asia-Pacific.
Publish Date: September 8, 2015
Region: APAC

Ordering Guide: SYSTIMAX Solutions® EMEA

Ordering guide for SYSTIMAX Solutions products available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
Publish Date: March 30, 2015
Region: EMEA

Ordering Guide: SYSTIMAX Solutions® North America

SYSTIMAX Solutions North America Ordering Guide
Publish Date: September 16, 2015
Region: NAR

Ordering Guide: Uniprise® Information Security Network Solutions

Uniprise Solutions Information Security Network SolutionsInformation Security Network Solutions Companies today face the challenges of maintaining data security throughout the enterprise. Network managers must guard against not only physical intrusion or tapping of the cables, but also non-contact eavesdropping. Any of
Publish Date: March 6, 2013
Region: Global

May 23, 2017

Is your fiber infrastructure ready for 100 GbE?

CommScope returned from the Open Compute Project Summit with an eye on 100GbE. It’s not that far off anymore. As Frank Yang explains it, the data centers of the future need to see well beyond it, too.
Oct 20, 2016

Knees, Shoulders and Fiber Connectors

Like the connective joints in your body, your fiber connectors keep your data center connected and humming right along. Want to push your body to extremes – run a marathon, climb Kilimanjaro? Your joints better be up to the task. Ricardo Diaz uncovers which fiber/connector configurations best support your migration strategy.
Mar 4, 2016

Happy Birthday, Optical Fiber

This year is a milestone for communications, marking the 50th birthday for fiber optics. Communications networks, whether in a data center or to the home, now rely heavily on fiber. Dave Tanis gives a short fiber optics history lesson and shares the innovations that resulted from the birth of this key communication technology.