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Shelves and Components

CommScope has redefined enterprise network infrastructure with our fiber-optic shelves and accessories. These modular components deliver maximum design flexibility and scalable growth. Whether you're expanding a telecommunications closet or upgrading a high-density data center, our fiber solutions allow for rack consolidation that can save up to 50 percent in used floor space. In addition, our family of shelves, rail-mounted and adapter panels, MPO modules, modular cassettes and splicing options minimizes downtime and accelerates deployments by combining snap-together simplicity with reliable, high-performance connectivity.

  • Supports up to 432 10GbE, 72 40GbE connections or 36 100GbE channels
  • Improved fiber patch cord management and enhanced labeling capabilities 
  • Shelves offered in fixed and sliding options
  • Provides easy reconfiguration for moves, adds and changes


40 Years of Network Innovation

Celebrate the people and innovations who have shaped the communications industry and are leading the way forward.

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