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Active Optics and Optical Devices

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Application Note: Data Center Networking & Storage Applications

This technical paper provides an overview about the most dominant networking and storage applications in modern data centers. Additionally, it offers information about the different structured cabling infrastructures for network cabling designers in data centers.
Publish Date: December 16, 2015
Region: EMEA

White Paper: Increasing data traffic requires full spectral window usage in optical single-mode fiber cables.

An open spectral transmission window from 1260nm to 1625nm for data transmission and up to 1650nm for network monitoring is necessary in optical fiber cables to cope with data traffic growth.
Publish Date: October 29, 2015
Region: Global

Feb 5, 2016

CommScope Definitions: What Is CPRI?

The Common Public Radio Interface, or CPRI, is an evolving specification for wireless communications networks defined by a consortium of original equipment manufacturers. The specification relates to the communication link between baseband units and remote radio units. Nate Fuentes explains the term more in today’s blog post, the latest entry in the “CommScope Definitions” series.