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Modular Jacks and Plugs, Connectors and Components

Catalog: Modular Plugs, Accessories and Tooling

CommScope offers a vast portfolio of Modular Plugs for a wide variety of applications, performance and cable and conductor styles. This catalog holds the portfolio to assist in proper plug selection.
Publish Date: March 15, 2017
Region: Global

Data Sheet: AMP Pivot Connector Series

The AMP Pivot Connector Series is a toolless, user friendly solution for terminating signal and low power connections. Simply feed a pair of unstripped wires into the connector and complete the termination by pressing down the pivoting stuffer with your thumb or index finger. Insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) in the connector eliminate the need for stripping wires and make the termination even easier.
Publish Date: January 13, 2016
Region: Global

Data Sheet: Category 6 SL Series Modular Jacks

This product sheet highlights the features and benefits of Category 6 SL Series Modular Jacks.
Publish Date: November 1, 2015
Region: Global

Data Sheet: Category 6A HighBand® UTP - Right Angle Outlet

CommScope’s Category 6A HighBand UTP Right Angle Outlet with keystone mounting can be used in a data centre, floor distributors and workstation environments for 10G performance. Installed in high-performance networks world wide, the system’s design minimises alien cross talk and insertion loss and meets the performance requirements of IEEE 802.3an, TIA/EIA568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA.
Publish Date: January 12, 2016
Region: Global

Data Sheet: Fiber Optic Build-Out Attenuators

CommScope Build-Out Attenuators are used in CATV, telecommunications and data networks, both for digital and analog applications. They are designed to reduce or balance the power in passive optical networks.
Publish Date: December 11, 2015
Region: CALA,NAR

Data Sheet: RJ45 Security Key Solution

CommScope's RJ45 Security solution physically prevents use of all RJ45 module jacks without contacting the manufacturer. It has high impact as a form of visual security and contributes to increased security awareness among staff.
Publish Date: April 29, 2016
Region: Global