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Small Cells

To help mobile network operators meet the growing need for better indoor LTE service, CommScope offers small cell solutions that provide exceptional in-building coverage for small offices and large indoor areas alike.

These small cell solutions provide "five-bar" voice transmission as well as high-performance data and multimedia connections—even in high-density facilities. From single-cell cloud radio access network (C-RAN) to all-in-one LTE plus operator-managed Wi-Fi devices, our small cell systems help wireless operators meet soaring demand for mobile data while offloading the macro network.

Brochure: Cell virtualization brief

Learn what cell virtualization is all about in this brief.
Publish Date: May 18, 2016
Region: Global

Brochure: OneCell System

A high level description of the OneCell C-RAN Small Cell system.
Publish Date: November 15, 2016
Region: Global

Jun 25, 2017

The wireless market in CALA is heading indoors

Writing from his office in Brazil, Luciano Adami discusses the wireless market in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region, particularly the growing need for in-building wireless solutions. With 80% of mobile connections made inside buildings, and only 2% of available commercial real estate having indoor cellular networks, CALA will soon be at the tipping point for wide-scale, dedicated, active indoor wireless solution deployments.
Feb 9, 2017

Top Promising Innovations – OneCell C-RAN Small Cells

OneCell is CommScope’s award-winning indoor small cell solution. It utilizes a Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture to create a single cell across multiple radios for improved performance and simplified deployment. OneCell is designed to service medium-sized to large buildings with high capacity and excellent performance. It is also one of CommScope’s most promising innovations as identified in this blog post.
Jan 25, 2017

Wireless in the Enterprise: A Free Webcast

Workplace designs and layouts are all being challenged in the attempt to provide workspaces that are best suited to today’s workers. And indoor mobility is becoming critical in the building space because it directly impacts employee productivity. While there are multiple ways to deploy a wireless infrastructure in buildings, the global trend is tilting toward an IT-based infrastructure that accommodates the new generations of Wi-Fi and in-building wireless systems. JP Compagnucci explains the different IBW options in this blog post, and previews a related webcast on February 2 hosted by Cabling Installation and Maintenance.
Nov 10, 2016

CommScope Definitions: What Is Fiber Network Convergence?

It’s something we’ve heard a lot about – and even based much of our mission on. Fiber network convergence. What is it, and how does it work? Wes Oxlee explains in today’s CommScope Definitions series.