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Frames, Racks and Components

Enabling high-speed networks

Network administrators have found that management of cables has a direct impact on their network’s reliability, performance, and cost. In high-density data centers and central offices, critical network equipment must operate nonstop. To avoid downtime and maintain network flexibility, turn to CommScope. CommScope’s frames and racks are designed for superior cable management and ease of use, and fit a wide variety of copper and fiber cabling applications.

As more gigabit FTTH (fiber to the home) and networks are built, more cables and connections are required. CommScope’s wide selection of frame and rack systems comes with a comprehensive range of accessories and hardware to support those connections. CommScope can satisfy all your specific requirements, and will help build your system on a solid, well-designed infrastructure.  

Designed for ease of use:

  • Easy installation 
  • High density 
  • Modularity
  • Ready for future expansion

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