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Managed Connectivity Frames

Know, in real time, when and where changes occur in your network.

The Q-Frame’s innovative rear horizontal trough system utilizes eight 9-inch troughs to provide a total of 72 inches of horizontal trough space. Patch cords are intuitively routed from the front of the frame through ample pathways into the rear trough system. The Q-Frame routing system eliminates fiber cross-over points, making it easier to trace patch cords and minimize fiber weaving. The frame’s rear trough system provides more space than any other high-density fiber solution on the market, reducing fiber pile-up and congestion, alleviating risk of fiber damage and allowing easier moves, adds and changes. The Q-Frame is compatible with the Q4000 managed chassis, Q3000 unmanaged chassis, RMG series 4 RU chassis, and TFP series 4 RU chassis and can accommodate 8 of either of these fiber panel products in a single frame.

  • Ample trough space—reducespatch cord pile-up and congestion
  • Easy maintenance—reduces maintenance time due to easy removal and tracing of patch cords
  • Integrated patch cord storage panel—ensures easy cable access without fiber cross-over points
  • Saves money—reduces the number of different patch cord lengths to keep in inventory
  • Intuitive cable routing system
  • Bend radius protection at every turn