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Fiber Tools, Consumables, and Accessories

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Keep your network running right

Keeping a fiber-optic network operational and up to industry standards means having the right equipment for the job. CommScope has what you need to keep your network running. We carry a wide range of tools and accessories for fiber-optic installation, repair, and maintenance.

  • Fiber termination and tool kits—professional installer kits (to perform terminations on epoxy-type and epoxyless fiber-optic connector products) and LightCrimp Plus optical fiber tools (for quick, accurate fiber terminations). 
  • Cable prep templates and kits—with guides and accessories for splicing fiber connectors.
  • Fiber-optic splice protectors (SMOUV) – provide mechanical and environmental protection for fusion splices of single and ribbonized fiber
  • Fiber connector cleaners—a variety of products for cleaning, maintaining, and troubleshooting optical connectors.
  • Polishing bushings, films, and pads—a selection of supplies to prepare and install a range of fiber connectors. 
  • Fiber crimp eyelets—for joining a variety of connector and cable types.
  • Sealing and repair sleeves—help extend service life and add protection against moisture, corrosion, and mechanical abuse of cables and assembles, especially those subjected to rugged use and high-temperature applications. 
  • Epoxy—adhesives and sealants to accommodate a wide range of applications, materials, and environmental conditions. 
  • Fiber-optic adhesive applicators—epoxy syringes for field terminations. 
  • Curing blocks, ovens, and sleeves—for splicing fiber cables and curing epoxy terminations. 
  • Fiber-optic test equipment—a variety of magnification units and inspection microscopes for detecting flaws in singlemode and multimode fibers, as well as inspecting polish, general conditions and debris, cleave quality, and core identification.