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Small Cells

Transforming Wireless Service Delivery

CommScope’s award-winning small cell product line brings high performance and ease of implementation into the final frontier of mobility expansion, the enterprise building.

For the enterprise, CommScope small cells offer exceptional “five-bar” indoor coverage and high-performance data and multimedia connections. For mobile operators, small cells are a cost-effective means to meet the soaring demand for mobile data while offloading the macro network.

  • OneCell uses a unique Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture to deliver consistent, superior LTE performance throughout large, high-traffic venues such as coliseums, airports, hospitals and shopping malls, with the economics and simplicity of managed Wi-Fi.
  • The S1000 is an all-in-one LTE plus operator-managed Wi-Fi device for cost-effective indoor voice and data coverage and capacity in small and medium business locations.
  • The Device Management System (DMS) ensures plug-and-play provisioning and ongoing monitoring and support for small cell deployments ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of devices. DMS integrates with popular BSS/OSS and network management systems via standard protocols and interfaces.