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Monopole Structures and Components

Monopole Structures and Components:
Big possibilities in a small footprint

When you need to elevate equipment but don’t have a big footprint to work with, CommScope’s Monopole Structures and Components are the answer. They deploy fast and offer a slender, unobtrusive, aesthetically-pleasing look. They are lightweight, wind-resistant and require no bracing wires. That means you can deploy in spaces as tight as eight square feet.

CommScope’s Monopole Structures and Components are built from top-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and offer complete electrical grounding. They include a complete line of mounts, cabinets and other components for any application, from point-to-point/multipoint telecom communications to video surveillance to solar collection. They even include service tower-top components and articulated, double-hinged solutions for easy installation.

When you need to deploy fast and conceal well, take advantage of big monopole possibilities in a small footprint.