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Article: Substandard generics: Can you really afford the risks? Substandard generics: Can you really afford the risks? Low-quality cable accessories and structural steel solutions are threatening the performance and reliability of networks worldwide. Uncertified manufacturers and fabricators distract carriers with bargain prices on no-name products, but the savings ra
Publish Date: December 27, 2016
Region: Global

Brochure: Rapid Deployment Solutions

CommScope’s Rapid Deployment Solutions installs poles in as little as one hour, using multiple methods, on or off the grid.
Publish Date: August 16, 2017
Region: Global

May 4, 2017

How the U.S. Wireless Industry Could Save $5 Million

A small piece of metal could save the U.S. wireless industry up to $5 million. The metal is CommScope’s new SnapStak Plus cable hanger. The serious cost-savings come from the total amount of time saved during installation. To see how easy they are to use, check out this video blog by Chris Stockman.
Feb 14, 2017

The Physical Layer at NATE UNITE

NATE UNITE is the premier event of the year for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry to come see the latest and greatest products. At the show, you will find CommScope’s latest structural solutions for cell sites including a new solution that will reduce cable installation times and make ordering attachment accessories much easier. See this blog post by Dale Heath for more information.
Dec 2, 2016

CommScope’s Top Innovations: The SiteRise Tower Top Solution

As part of its 40th anniversary observance, the CommScope team set out to identify the top 40 innovations that have come from CommScope (or one of its acquired companies) over the past 40 years. Today’s blog post discusses the SiteRise system, CommScope’s unique cell tower solution that integrates all the major tower top components into one factory-assembled, factory-tested unit. This top 20 CommScope innovation helped Ooredoo achieve 50 percent savings in deployment time, 50 percent better performance, and 50 percent energy savings.
Aug 9, 2016

Our E-Band Story Includes 30,000 Antennas in the Field

E-Band is a hot topic in the wireless backhaul industry. With ever-expanding LTE coverage needs and 5G standards in discussion, network operators need E-Band solutions as their existing backhaul networks are pushed to their limits. CommScope is introducing a premium E-Band ValuLine microwave antenna, which adds to the company’s existing E-Band antenna portfolio. See today’s blog post by Derren Oliver for more information.