Test and Measurement Products

Proactively test for PIM - before it degrades your network performance.

Wireless operators are under pressure to deliver more coverage and capacity at less cost, as networks are growing more complex and less tolerant of passive intermodulation (PIM). PIM testing using conventional RF testing tools is typically reactionary, after customers complaints are received, due to the complexity and costs associated with operating legacy RF PIM testers.

CommScope’s Optical PIM Tester enables operators to detect PIM proactively with every site visit, given its simplicity of use and size. Portable and affordable, it’s the first truly active PIM tester on the market.

The Optical PIM Tester features:
  • Active PIM testing over Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) by injecting test tones into the base station’s downlink and looking for PIM products in its uplink
  • Support for all frequency bands in one unit, eliminating the need for multiple PIM units 
  • Cross-band PIM testing between frequency bands
  • Simultaneous access to multiple sectors and frequency bands, saving on testing time 
  • PIM testing at ground level, increasing safety and massively reducing costs and time 
  • Spectrum Analyzer feature
  • A user-friendly interface accessible from a smartphone, tablet or notebook computer 
The Optical PIM Tester puts affordable, portable PIM testing into the hands of virtually every technician. Make it a part of your preventative maintenance routine and keep PIM from degrading your network’s performance.