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DC Power Products

Brochure: Take back the power with PowerShift

Introducing PowerShift innovation from CommScope, the industry's first intelligent, plug-and-play DC power supply.
Publish Date: March 7, 2017
Region: Global

White Paper: Reducing dissipation-induced dc power losses at macro cell sites

As the power demand of remote radio units (RRUs) has risen in the era of LTE—and will continue to significantly increase with the arrival of 5G—it becomes more important to find ways to improve power efficiency and minimize power dissipation in wireless cell sites.
Publish Date: February 16, 2017
Region: Global

Oct 22, 2015

A PowerShift in the Wireless Industry

CommScope just announced a new power solution for wireless cell sites called PowerShift. One of the more unique advantages of PowerShift relates to how it can extend the uptime of RF battery back-up systems. CommScope estimates that PowerShift can lengthen RF battery uptime by up to 35 percent. John Chamberlain explains more about this feature in today’s blog post.