Coaxial Cable for Every Application

Dependability and superior performance

Coaxial cable’s bandwidth versatility makes it ideal for a full range of applications—from satellite to residential, video distribution, broadcast, and security. Because of its shielding from interference and its sturdy construction, coaxial cable tends to be easy to install and resistant to damage. And because it is often what connects the end user to the network, dependability and superior performance are essential.

Yet cables are often the most overlooked part of the network. However, as the demand for bandwidth has increased for both broadband and cellular networks, you want to make sure signal interference doesn’t become an issue. Selecting the right cable performing to industry standards has become more important than ever.

With CommScope’s coaxial cables, you can build your network with cables that:

  • Provide superior shielding performance in the LTE band
  • Prevent signal ingress and egress, which can weaken signals to subscribers and cause problems in the cellular network

Whether it is hardline or drop cable, MDU or headend, aerial or buried, we back our coaxial cable with a 20-year warranty and a manufacturing capacity of one million feet of coaxial cable per day.

For trunk and distribution applications, our 75 Ohm P3® and QR® coaxial cables are the standard.


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