Combiner and Duplexer Solutions

Don’t get penalized for path interference

To be successful, a team needs a potent offense and defense. For network operators, it’s not just a matter of deploy! deploy! deploy! You must be able to proactively manage the challenges presented by today’s advanced technologies. That means overcoming network interference issues, a growing concern caused by multiple networks operating among congested airways.

Failure to defend against such obstacles means your network performance will suffer, an unacceptable compromise for your customers. But with crowded tower tops, your options are limited. You must be able to meet deployment schedules and budgets without sacrificing performance.

CommScope can help. Our filter and combiner systems, which include highly integrated options, enable you to share antennas and feeders without degrading RF performance.

With our combiner and duplexer systems, you can:

  • Reduce RF equipment requirements
  • Speed up deployments
  • Decrease capital and operating expenses

Simplify implementation for many applications — conventional ones or those where remote radio heads are used; and those with one band or multiple bands.

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