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Connect DCIM to the world while protecting the value of your existing data center systems

Extend your DCIM intelligence easily and seamlessly with a wide range of off-the-shelf integrations from iTRACS®. These easy-to-use integrations (connectors) enable the bidirectional sharing of information between your iTRACS solution and other systems, whether inside or outside of the data center. Monitor power and environmentals, exchange data, orchestrate workflows, and boost the value of your DCIM investment and current IT systems.

  • Collect, aggregate, and visualize data from various intelligent devices, agents, and more—such as Intel®, HP®, and RF Code—to expand your power, asset, and thermal management capabilities
  • Share intelligence from virtualization vendors like VMware® and ITSM vendors like ServiceNow® to inform and enrich your data center management strategies, workflows, and execution
  • Export your DCIM data for use in ERP, financial systems, CRM and other enterprise management systems
  • Choose from more than 20 prebuilt integrations (connectors) including Intel, VMware, RF Code, ServiceNow, HP, Geist® devices, Schneider® devices, Raritan® devices, and many others 

Choose the integrations that work for you 

There are currently three ways to enhance your DCIM performance via the iTRACS iNTEGRATIONS portfolio:

  • Choose from our wide range of existing off-the-shelf integrations (connectors) within the portfolio. Contact us to inquire as to the complete list of prebuilt integrations available today
  • Enlist iTRACS Professional Services or one of our Certified Partners to build an integration for you
  • Use the convenient, no-charge ourDCIM® Developer Community to develop your own integration—it's easy to become a member. Simply register here.

The iTRACS iNTEGRATIONS portfolio is continually expanding with new integrations to extend the reach, performance, and business value of your DCIM platform, from ITSM to power management.

Powered by the DCIM Open Exchange Framework®

The iTRACS iNTEGRATIONS™ portfolio is fueled by the DCIM Open Exchange Framework®. This core technology utilizes industry-standard interfaces and protocols to enable the seamless exchange of information between iTRACS and other systems (both uni- and bidirectional).

Now your DCIM team can share information from disparate sources, leverage the existing systems they’re already using, and collaborate with other departments—without the need for wholesale changes or technology forklifts.

The iTRACS iNTEGRATIONS portfolio is continually expanding, helping take your DCIM strategy and the business value of your data center to new levels.

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