Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Turn your infrastructure data into intelligence: the benefits of DCIM

Your data center is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Managing this complex and hard-to-decipher environment might be one of the toughest jobs in business. Yet within the chaos lie hidden opportunities to optimize capacity, availability and efficiency. The key to accessing them is in your physical infrastructure. 

Master the ability to manage your infrastructure systems, assets and workflows holistically as an interconnected ecosystem—across both IT and facilities—and you begin to unlock the potential that lies within. The right DCIM solution makes it possible. 

The insight you need to succeed

As a class of data center management software, DCIM provides a centralized view of your IT and facility operations. It aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes the infrastructure data at the heart of your data center, turning it into understandable and actionable information. By aggregating and “unlocking” the data within your infrastructure, DCIM provides the critical real-time insight you need to instantly understand and optimize your environment.

DCIM transforms data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, insight into action, and action into strategic business value.

Now you’re talking iTRACS®.

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This paper, by IDC, provides a framework for quantifying the value of datacenter infrastructure management investments and recommends several factors to consider in selecting a DCIM provider.
Publish Date: March 1, 2013 Region: Global

This guide is designed to help you navigate the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) market and determine what DCIM approach is the best for your company.
Publish Date: July 27, 2016 Region: Global

DCOI Elevates Data Center Efficiency From Important to Critical. Your data center’s efficiency has always been vitally important. The OMB just made it critical. Under the new Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), the pressure is on to expand energy metering, lower PUE ratios, increase virtualization, and improve server and facility utilization. As if managing a high-security, Federal data center isn’t hard enough.  
Publish Date: May 4, 2016 Region: Global

iTRACS expands DCIM capacity modeling, digs deep into parent CommScope’s channel
Publish Date: March 10, 2016 Region: Global

iTRACS Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is an award-winning software platform that’s helping enterprises around the world optimize their physical infrastructure. This document explores ten reasons why deploying iTRACS DCIM is the right choice for you.
Publish Date: May 19, 2015 Region: Global

Apr 6, 2016
Everyone Wants to be “Employee of the Month” But…
CommScope’s Ricardo Diaz highlights the importance of teamwork when it comes to creating infrastructure efficiencies. Collaborating closely with customers, CommScope is helping organizations provide the ultimate experience when it comes to mobile banking, online shopping or playing games without having to worry about the underlying network connections. Read more
Mar 31, 2016
451 Research Offers Up Review of iTRACS DCIM
With a new wave of trends and challenges in the data center comes the opportunity to evolve the data center to be prepared for the future. 451 Research issued a report on CommScope’s latest version of iTRACS DCIM that highlights connectivity management, a growing partner ecosystem and capacity forecasting. Read more from James Sherrin and access the 451 Research report. Read more
Mar 15, 2016
DCIM: CommScope iTRACS evaluation from Gartner
Recently, Gartner released its “Critical Capabilities for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools” report and iTRACS DCIM received the highest product scores in all three use case categories. In this blog, Jay Williams showcases how iTRACS was featured in the report. Read more
Feb 22, 2016
How Do You Define an Efficient Data Center?
How efficiency is measured in the data center is very subjective. It is capacity management? Or time-to-revenue to deploy new services? Maybe asset lifecycle management? Dave Tanis takes a look at opportunities for data center professionals to take a holistic view of data center efficiency. Read more
New iTRACS®-based DCIM portal enables VIRTUS and its customers to optimize capacity planning and efficiency.
Publish Date: July 21, 2015 Region: EMEA

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