Densification Solutions

Don’t just meet bandwidth demands—beat them

As mobile subscribers demand more bandwidth for their data-hungry devices, wireless networks must find innovative ways to increase capacity. When adding more macro sites isn't a viable answer, network densification becomes the best choice.

By deploying multibeam antennas, Metro Cell concealment solutions and outdoor DAS, wireless networks can grow their capacity even in the most saturated or challenging environments.

Multibeam antennas help wireless providers densify their network through sector sculpting. Multiple beams can boost capacity while controlling interference. Ideal for high-traffic sectors or locations with big outdoor events, multibeam antennas are fast and easy to deploy.

Metro Cell solutions and outdoor DAS can also help increase capacity and coverage by extending services from existing cell sites into dense, urban environments and hard-to-reach areas. A more cost-effective option than traditional cell sites, this next generation of compact cell sites is easy to conceal and optimal for large outdoor venues like city parks and beaches.

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