• A Purpose-Built Data Center

    A quantum leap forward for data centers

    Traditional data centers can take 24-36 months to build. That’s an eternity in the IT industry. Technologies, trends and techniques evolve so rapidly that the data center you’re building today could be obsolete before you ever deploy it. In the meanwhile, energy expenses and capacity constraints continue to escalate.

    Agility is the answer: a simple, scalable data center solution with the flexibility to shrink or expand to match your fluid business requirements. CommScope has evolved to meet this need, growing from a structured cabling provider to a comprehensive turnkey data center partner with Data Center on Demand™.

    Data Center on Demand isn’t a modular data center. It’s not a containerized data center. It is a purpose-built data center that enables you to:

    • Build to suit your specific needs, without service disruptions
    • Deploy virtually anywhere, quickly and easily
    • Achieve a yearly PUE as low as 1.03 – 1.06
    • Customize with off-the-shelf options or add complementary systems

    Data Center on Demand represents a unique blend of CommScope’s structural and data center expertise, where all the benefits—flexibility, energy efficiency, cost savings and expandability—are built right in.


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