• High-Density Copper and Fiber Solutions

    Bigger data center performance in a smaller footprint

    Data center demand is rising fast—but so are the costs of your data center’s floor space, operation and cooling. The infrastructure of tomorrow needs to address these challenges today:

    • Reducing energy costs associated with running and cooling an efficient data center
    • Reducing the physical footprint of the data center itself, including patching areas
    • Delivering needed bandwidth to support the demands of more users and increasingly complex applications

    In addition, you need to meet these priorities while minimizing downtime and network disruption. It’s a steep challenge, but, with CommScope’s Living Infrastructure approach to data center solutions, you can plan for future needs while meeting the challenges—and the budgets—of today.

    Living Infrastructure is a design approach that builds in a smooth migration path while delivering immediate benefits to today’s high-density data center environments—all while minimizing network disruption and costly downtime:

    • High-density fiber solutions delivering a 50 percent boost to usable density, improving air flow and reducing cooling costs
    • Compact 1U shelves and modules with superior cable management in a smaller form factor
    • Network speeds up to 100G with a simpler, more cost-effective migration path from 10G when needed

    Space isn’t getting any less expensive, and neither is electricity. But with CommScope and our Living Infrastructure approach to data center design, you’ll see better results from every stage of evolution.

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