• Intelligent Lighting Network Solutions

    A low-voltage LED lighting solution that reduces costs and enhances building intelligence

    Lighting accounts for about 35 percent of a typical building’s energy use, and commonly-used fluorescent fixtures are limited in their controls and intelligence. They only light up the space. For building managers looking to reduce energy costs and improve building intelligence on a practical level, the right lighting solution is a smart place to start – like one that can cut energy costs by 75 percent or more.

    The Redwood intelligent lighting network solution from CommScope delivers all the benefits of low-cost, high-efficiency LED lighting combined with a sensor network that reports motion, temperature and illumination. That sensor data can inform better facilities policies – and because its API interfaces with intelligent building systems, it can help put those policies into action.

    • Integrated sensor network reports occupancy, power use and temperatures across one building or an entire network for enhanced energy efficiency and building security
    • Low-voltage DC infrastructure is easier to install, configure and maintain than traditional AC power infrastructure.
    • A streamlined Web-based management console allows global control, on-site or off-site
    • LEDs run cooler,  longer and more flexibly than fluorescent fixtures, reducing energy and maintenance costs.
    What is the Redwood Intelligent Lighting Network solution?
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    How does this solution save me money?
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    Is it true that this solution is not just restricted to office buildings?
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    Find a partner whose expertise matches your needs.
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