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Government Solutions

Build a more powerful government network with less

At CommScope, we understand your need to squeeze every ounce of network performance from a tight budget. That's why we offer secure, intelligent, cost-effective solutions that are scalable to future applications.

Our copper, fiber and hybrid cabling establishes a solid foundation for your network—whether it’s a building, data center or campus. Our fiber-optic solutions deliver optimal bandwidth and lightning-fast data transfer speeds while providing an elegant migration to faster, more complex applications. Classified networks are safeguarded using color-coded connections to maximize security.

To help your government agency run more efficiently, imVision® automated infrastructure management (AIM) helps you manage your infrastructure the same way you manage your network—simply and easily.

We also produce innovative wireless solutions for broadband and long-haul networks, university campuses and buildings. Whether you're creating a network for a single strategic property or an entire base, we have the technology and expertise to help you build it right the first time. 

For more than 30 years, we’ve provided smart, reliable network technology to governments and military across the world. We have an impressive collection of global PartnerPRO® Network installers, integrators and distribution partners ready to help you design efficient networks and find the appropriate contract vehicle to ensure your projects are built to your preferred specifications.

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Brocure: Federal Capabilities

Secure your digital mission with agile, real-time management based on optimized analytics and world-class intelligence.
Publish Date: May 10, 2017
Region: Global

Jan 16, 2017

Innovation Makes Networks the Unsung Hero of Today’s Connected Society

The 40th anniversary of CommScope’s founding was an ideal time to highlight some of the creative, groundbreaking and industry-changing technologies and solutions that the company has spawned over the past four decades. The “Ode to Innovation” occurred in blog posts over the last months. In this blog post, Rick Aspan reflects on the blog series, the role of innovation generally and an upcoming, related blog series.
Dec 22, 2016

Safety, Security and Stability in Smart Buildings

Proper planning can help building and network designers defend against worst-case safety scenarios. Reliable wireless networks for emergency services personnel help them do their jobs more effectively in times of crisis. Secure and stable networks improve efficiency and protect valuable business assets. See today’s blog post by Philip Sorrells, and the CommScope “Connected and Efficient Buildings” ebook, for more information.
Apr 8, 2015

Comsearch Wins Harris Award for Air Traffic Control Work

Comsearch Government Solutions won the Partner Excellence Award from Harris Corporation for services provided in support of the US Next Generation Air Traffic Management System (NextGen). The Comsearch team is responsible for drive testing ground sites at major airports, conducting data analysis, generating reports and following up with the Harris/Federal Aviation Administration team. The NextGen system will transition US air traffic control from primarily analog voice communications to digital data connectivity.