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Coverage and capacity for indoor spaces

Eighty percent of wireless calls originate from indoors – yet only two percent of commercial buildings offer in-building wireless solutions (IBW) to manage the traffic. The rest rely on an overly-congested macro network to provide coverage and capacity, and for some irate customers, it’s just not enough.

IBW solutions can offload this traffic in high-rise buildings, across sprawling campuses, through massive stadiums and other high-density demand areas. The challenge lies in the fact that no two deployments are the same; no two venues identical in shape, size, configuration or even building material. Fortunately, CommScope offers a full portfolio of IBW solutions that intelligently adapt to your unique circumstances and expectations.

  • ION®-E, the low-power unified wireless infrastructure solution that converges wired and wireless networks on economical Cat 6A and fiber-optic cable. It dynamically transports capacity wherever it’s needed via software – no remote reconfigurations or patch changes necessary  so you can add new operators, bands or technologies without adding hardware.
  • InterReach®-Fusion solution offers a low power flexible, scalable, seamless extension of the macro network to indoor spaces over standard CATV cabling.
  • FlexWave® Spectrum, digital DAS extends wireless services throughout buildings and campuses. Spectrum features digital RF transport with edge-to-edge bandwidth, multi-band flexibility, and the CPRI interface eliminates costly head-end equipment reducing total cost of ownership. 
  • ION®-U, the combination low- and high-power DAS solution that can cover massive indoor spaces, sprawling outdoor spaces or both in one compact, space-saving headend. It simplifies deployments with powerful planning, commissioning and optimization tools, making for a virtually error-proof installation.
  • FlexWave® Prism,  the industry’s first combination of DAS and RRH products, the Prism improves wireless network coverage and capacity by extending services from existing cell sites, to hard-to-reach areas by distributing coverage from a centralized radio suite, its CPRI interface eliminates costly head-end equipment reducing total cost of ownership.”>

These, along with CommScope’s other solutions, provide the power and flexibility to design an economical and powerful network that keeps customers connected, productive and happy.

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