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In today’s hyper-connected workplace, ubiquitous wireless coverage is as critical as electricity and water. Employees, customers and visitors expect seamless five-bar service—whether in an office park, hotel or hospital. CommScope ensures you can deliver

Our end-to-end wireless solutions work with any technology, support multiple carriers, and dynamically adjust to capacity demands as the wireless traffic within your facility ebbs and flows throughout the day.

  • ION®-E is the low-power unified wireless infrastructure solution that consolidates your wired and wireless networks using economical Category 6A and fiber-optic cable. It’s flexible enough to adapt on the fly to changing demand—and smart enough to add new operators, bands or technologies without adding hardware.
  • ION®-U is a low- and high-power DAS solution that can cover massive indoor spaces and sprawling outdoor spaces with one compact, space-saving headend. It simplifies deployments with powerful planning, commissioning and optimization tools, making for a virtually error-proof installation.

These—along with CommScope’s other indoor solutions and technical expertise—ensure your facility’s wireless solution remains efficient while keeping those inside connected, productive and happy.

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"Mystery solved: indoor coverage is now simple, scalable and flexible"

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Aug 31, 2016
Unleashing Your Smart Building’s ESP Potential with a Universal Connectivity Grid
Most modern enterprise buildings claim to be intelligent, but some are smarter than others. The proliferation of wired and wireless devices in smart buildings presents new challenges to IT, facilities and corporate real estate departments. CommScope’s Universal Connectivity Grid is designed to deliver high bandwidth and remote powering capabilities in support of Intelligent Building applications, while providing improved efficiency and flexibility. See today’s blog post by Matias Peluffo, and CommScope’s Connected and Efficient Buildings e-book, for more information. Read more
Aug 18, 2016
A Common Infrastructure for Connected and Efficient Buildings
As we move further into the deployment of the Internet of Things, the role of the physical layer inside buildings is becoming more varied. Technologies such as Power over Ethernet and HDBaseT are expanding the universe of devices that can be connected and powered by the network. See today’s blog post by David Beihoff, and the CommScope “Connected and Efficient Buildings” e-book, for more information about deploying the right network infrastructure. Read more
Aug 3, 2016
IoT from Many Vantage Points
What is the Internet of Things? It depends on your vantage point, says Dave Tanis in today’s blog post. How employees, employers and IT departments experience IoT differs based on their requirements and usage. CommScope offers its viewpoint on IoT in the “Connected and Efficient Buildings” e-book, which is available for free. Read more
May 25, 2016
Why You Should Put Building Automation Systems and IT on One Converged Network Infrastructure
Traditional methods that architects and engineers use for designing intelligent buildings are becoming obsolete. Utility services such as lighting, heating, air conditioning and other facility controls now often use the same network infrastructure as telecommunication networks. This converged IT/building management infrastructure can reduce equipment and labor costs and speed implementations. Kevin Kaufman explains more about the benefits in today’s blog post. Read more

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