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In-building Wireless Solutions

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With an estimated 80 percent of mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building, universal in-building wireless (IBW) coverage has become as vital to your building as water or electricity. Today's proliferation of data-hungry devices and data-streaming services is strangling Wi-Fi networks and causing bottlenecks for wireless carriers—making it hard for macro networks to keep up.

By offloading traffic from high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, crowded stadiums and even hotel conference rooms, a dedicated IBW solution can make a dramatic difference. Our portfolio of IBW solutions can help ensure your customers stay connected and satisfied.

Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
By deploying a network of antennas throughout your building, our DAS solutions produce world-class quality of service (QoS). Smart buildings that integrate CommScope DAS are not only flexible, scalable and efficient, they're easy to deploy and maintain.

Indoor small cells and C-RAN
For your large indoor spaces, miniature base stations may make the most sense. Our small cells—combined with a dynamic, centralized architecture—generate exceptional capacity and coverage without handovers or interference.

Realize your building's full potential with robust, affordable in-building wireless solutions from CommScope.

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Tip Sheet: ION-E approaches theoretical speed limit using MIMO and carrier aggregation

This document overviews a recent speed test of the CommScope ION-E unified wireless infrastructure solution, using MIMO and carrier aggregation on an LTE network.
Publish Date: February 10, 2017
Region: Global

Tip Sheet: Network Operations Center (NOC)

DCCS monitoring and management services are available to any customer with an existing or new CommScope distributed coverage and capacity solution.
Publish Date: February 10, 2017
Region: Global

Article: Why permit a preventable weakness in your network?

Over the years, PIM has evolved from a virtually unknown DAS performance metric into a critical system requirement. Read to learn more.
Publish Date: February 10, 2017
Region: Global

Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Avoid Delays in Scaling Your DAS Network

CommScope has developed this simple tip sheet to help you avoid problems caused by PIM, and increase the speed and ease of your DAS network implementation.
Publish Date: February 10, 2017
Region: Global

Painting ION-E UAP Plastic Housings

This technical publication provides best practices to consider for painting universal access points (UAPs).
Publish Date: January 25, 2017
Region: Global

Tip Sheet: ION-E: The Simple, Scalable Multi-Operator IBW Solution

In-building distributed antenna systems (DAS) and Unified Wireless Infrastructure solutions provide stable indoor wireless coverage and capacity.
Publish Date: January 24, 2017
Region: Global

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Jun 25, 2017

The wireless market in CALA is heading indoors

Writing from his office in Brazil, Luciano Adami discusses the wireless market in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region, particularly the growing need for in-building wireless solutions. With 80% of mobile connections made inside buildings, and only 2% of available commercial real estate having indoor cellular networks, CALA will soon be at the tipping point for wide-scale, dedicated, active indoor wireless solution deployments.
May 30, 2017

Google Home and IoT for Beginners

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the buzz, and home-centered use is an exciting area of development. In this blog post, Melissa Strait talks about her IoT experiences in the form of Google Home. The video shows her using the smart device, while the post links to related resources including the CommScope “Connected and Efficient Buildings” eBook.
Jan 25, 2017

Wireless in the Enterprise: A Free Webcast

Workplace designs and layouts are all being challenged in the attempt to provide workspaces that are best suited to today’s workers. And indoor mobility is becoming critical in the building space because it directly impacts employee productivity. While there are multiple ways to deploy a wireless infrastructure in buildings, the global trend is tilting toward an IT-based infrastructure that accommodates the new generations of Wi-Fi and in-building wireless systems. JP Compagnucci explains the different IBW options in this blog post, and previews a related webcast on February 2 hosted by Cabling Installation and Maintenance.
Dec 22, 2016

Safety, Security and Stability in Smart Buildings

Proper planning can help building and network designers defend against worst-case safety scenarios. Reliable wireless networks for emergency services personnel help them do their jobs more effectively in times of crisis. Secure and stable networks improve efficiency and protect valuable business assets. See today’s blog post by Philip Sorrells, and the CommScope “Connected and Efficient Buildings” ebook, for more information.

Success Story: Carolina Panthers count on CommScope

Carolina Panthers count on CommScope to deliver a winning fan experience.
Publish Date: July 12, 2016
Region: Global

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