Indoor Small Cells and C-RAN

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Serve your mobile subscribers where they live, work and play

It’s a fact of physics: cellular signals struggle to penetrate building walls or energy-saving windows. Yet 80 percent of mobile usage occurs indoors. CommScope small cell solutions are designed to overcome this obstacle.

Small cells are indoor miniature base stations that enable mobile operators to deliver dramatically better service to subscribers in high-density, high-value environments like offices, public-use spaces and homes. They connect to the mobile operator core network via standard broadband Internet connections.

CommScope pioneered single-cell Cloud RAN (C-RAN) small cell architecture in its award-winning OneCell™ solution. OneCell forms a single “super cell” that eliminates handovers and interference across large indoor areas. This unique approach enables cell virtualization. Watch how cell virtualization multiplies system capacity without creating interference.

For large venues and enterprises, OneCell delivers consistent, high-quality LTE service at the cost and simplicity of managed Wi-Fi. Our intelligent, plug-and-play Device Management System (DMS) automates provisioning and ongoing support.

Take advantage of CommScope indoor small cell solutions to meet the soaring demand for mobile data while ensuring an exceptional indoor mobile experience for your subscribers.

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Publish Date: May 18, 2016 Region: Global

Aug 23, 2016
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