Intelligent Space and Lighting

Optimize your space utilization, reduce energy costs, and improve productivity with the Redwood® Building Intelligence Platform

  • Average office space utilization is now less than 50 percent1
  • 57 percent of a facility’s energy costs is spent on HVAC and lighting1
  • The annual cost per desk is about $10,000.2
  • An estimated 40 percent of workers spend 30 minutes a day looking for spaces to work3

Amid sobering statistics like these, businesses are becoming smarter about how they plan, allocate and manage their workspace and real estate investments. CommScope is proud to play an important role in their success. Our Redwood Building Intelligence Platform is a game-changer in smart technology, transforming data about your facilities and buildings into actionable intelligence to help you improve space utilization, reduce energy costs, and enhance workforce productivity.

Using a sensor-based network that runs on structured cabling and a powerful data-driven platform, Redwood turns real-time information into real-time knowledge. Its dynamic controls and energy-saving automation let you work, plan and operate your facility more efficiently while driving better use of workspaces and improving day-to-day workforce productivity:

The Redwood Building Intelligence Platform gives you the insight and control to help optimize your real estate investments as a strategic asset to the enterprise.

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4 Based on Redwood internal case studies

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