Fiber Optic Splice Closures - Last Mile Access

Fiber splice closures for fast deployment of fiber networks that stand the test of time

Service providers are deploying more and more fiber in the outside plant for FTTH, mobile backhaul and fronthaul, business customers, and broadband applications of all kinds. Closures are used at the fiber splice points to house and protect the fibers and value add modules like passive splitters and XWDM. To ensure long-term profitability of the network, our closures are designed to address the following needs:

Reducing total cost of ownership

  • Toolless and intuitive design enabling low-skilled network deployments

Optimizing cash flow and return on investment

  • Full modularity of entire closure platform

Fiber and cable technology independent

  • Superior gel sealing technology
  • Compatible with all fiber types (G652D – G657 series)

The Commscope offering provides solutions for the three areas where fiber is deployed - the feeder, distribution, and access networks. Each of these areas have specific requirements.

The FOSC series of closures is a versatile and proven platform that can be deployed in multiple environments and all segments – aerial, pedestal, buried, and underground – as well as different splicing applications (expressed, tap-off, branch and repair).

The FIST series proven platform is known for its sealing, ease of use features and flexibility, mainly applied in the feeder and distribution network where transient fiber management is a driver. FIST fiber trays and organizers efficiently handle single fibers and ribbon fibers.

TENIO is a proven platform featuring tool-less, rapid installation and easy maintenance, and address “future” requirements for the distribution and access networks. They accommodate several fiber cable constructions and can be deployed in aerial, pedestal, handhole or manhole environments.

Splice Closures In-Line (SCIL) are spliced in-line with the network feeder cable, and are typically used in the distribution and access (customer drop) part of the network. Available in three sizes, they are suitable for numerous fiber splicing applications. 

Small fiber count “access” splice closures complement CommScope’s comprehensive portfolio that can handle all fiber splicing applications, configurations, and form factors in the last mile.

With over 30 years of experience and satisfied customers around the world, CommScope can provide fiber splice closures that keep your network running even in the harshest conditions.


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