Modular Data Center Solutions

Data Center on Demand™: A new standard in data center efficiency and agility

“Prefab modular datacenters ultimately fit business needs better than traditional designs”
451 Research, 2015

CommScope’s Data Center on Demand™ (DCoD) is a family of purpose-built prefabricated modular data centers that establishes a new standard in efficiency, agility, and time to market for data center owners and operators seeking an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar facilities.

  • Optimized capacity—smarter use of CapEx. DCoD is “right-sized” to your specific capacity needs from day one. Choose from 1-, 4-, 10-, 20-, and 30-rack units, supporting from 5 kW to 35 kW per rack. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar facilities, there is minimal risk of overbuilding or spending CapEx earlier than needed. Buy only what you need today and then expand at will. DCoD can be deployed indoors or outdoors and can be modularly expanded to provide hundreds of racks of capacity.
  • Design freedom. With DCoD, you can configure your modular data center with choice and flexibility—white space, power, mechanicals, cooling options, security and much more. You're not forced into predefined mechanical, electrical, cooling, or IT configurations. Rather, you can deploy a modular unit that provides the perfect IT white space you need, surrounded by a precision-built modular architecture and mechanical systems that are second to none.
  • High-efficiency cooling with a super-low PUE. At the core of the DCoD design is the SmartAir™ intelligent cooling system, an innovative and agile approach to cooling that’s delivering an average partial PUE as low as 1.03 to 1.06 for customers around the world right now. This translates into energy cost savings as high as 80 percent compared to conventional brick-and-mortar cooling.
  • Faster time to market. DCoD can be deployed in just 14 to 20 weeks—rather than two to three years for brick-and-mortar builds.

SmartAir intelligent cooling

CommScope’s SmartAir cooling system enables you to select from a range of different supported cooling technologies to maximize efficiency based on your internal cold-aisle requirements and the outside physical environment. Use any combination of direct free air, adiabatic (evaporative) cooling, chilled water, or DX cooling technologies in any mix you prefer. The system automatically regulates and manages cooling zones and airflow schemes to maintain the lowest PUE while meeting your cold-aisle specifications—no matter how diverse your geographies or environmental conditions.

Take the next step with CommScope.

Simply tell us:

  1. The planned location for your prefab modular data center
  2. Number of racks needed
  3. Total power needed
  4. Cold-aisle temperature and humidity requirements
  5. Your projected capacity growth

We’ll then configure the ideal platform for your capacity and power needs, matched to the right cooling options based on the SmartAir™ intelligent cooling system.

Get started now.

Visiting Texas soon? You may want to schedule a live demonstration at CommScope’s DCoD Showcase in Richardson, Texas.

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"Data Center on Demand gives new life to university’s aging IT infrastructure."

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