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PowerShift® is the intelligent, plug-and-play DC power supply
Are you ready for a PowerShift?

"PowerShift is a truly unique and novel implementation of power-supply technology."

Judge, Fierce Innovation Award 2016

Not only are today’s high-performance, higher-wattage remote radio units (RRUs) consuming more power, operators are installing more of them to better support skyrocketing data traffic. These RRUs demand thicker, more expensive copper cables.

Avoid the LTE power squeeze
The wireless experts at CommScope and power experts at GE have partnered to create PowerShift™, the industry’s first intelligent, plug-and-play DC power supply. PowerShift is designed to optimize electrical draw by adjusting voltage dynamically to match your exact RRU power requirements, eliminating the need for a tower top converter. PowerShift also increases the amount of time your battery backup runs, allowing your RRUs to stay active up to 30% longer in case of a power outage.

Whether you’re adding or replacing RRUs, building new macro sites or deploying small cells, PowerShift tilts the power in your favor by helping you:

  • Optimize energy usage costs
  • Simplify installations and save CapEx or OpEx
  • Increase RRU uptime on battery backup
  • Expand cable lengths and standardize cable sizes

Shift the balance of power
Since PowerShift was designed in partnership with GE and is a vital part of our Andrew® portfolio, you take confidence that you benefit from some of the world’s finest wireless infrastructure and power expertise. Shift the balance of power: choose PowerShift.

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Brochure: Take back the power with PowerShift®

Introducing PowerShift innovation from CommScope, the industry's first intelligent, plug-and-play DC power supply.
Publish Date: March 7, 2017 Region: Global

White Paper: Reducing dissipation-induced dc power losses at macro cell sites

As the power demand of remote radio units (RRUs) has risen in the era of LTE—and will continue to significantly increase with the arrival of 5G—it becomes more important to find ways to improve power efficiency and minimize power dissipation in wireless cell sites.
Publish Date: February 16, 2017 Region: Global

SiteRise™ Brochure

CommScope introduces Andrew® SiteRise™—the world’s first factory-assembled tower tops for fiber to the antenna (FTTA) site architectures–allowing you to create consistency across cell site deployments.
Publish Date: August 4, 2016 Region: Global

Four practical solutions for cost-effectively modernizing your network

In order to meet exploding data demands and increasingly challenging customer expectations, every network operator must continually work to update and modernize their network. There’s no doubt that the long-term success of any network today hinges on the ability of operators to intelligently plan, maximize and manage networks.
Publish Date: October 15, 2015 Region: Global

Technical Keys to Successful Network Modernization: Weight and Wind Load

Find answers to: How does weight and wind load factors impact the modernization of your network? Will your antenna, connections, structural support and tower design choices impact your bottom line?
Publish Date: October 15, 2015 Region: Global

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