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Sector Sculpting Solutions

More capacity—where and when you need it

Today's mobile subscribers expect "five bars" of signal strength and fast data speeds wherever they are—even in a crowd of thousands.

Meeting those expectations is a daunting challenge. You need to provide the right capacity at the right place and the right time. It's an especially difficult task for those critical sectors that have dynamic user density.

CommScope can help. Our sector sculpting solutions deliver superior wireless performance and optimum capacity management amidst uneven spurts of heavy network traffic. Using Argus® multibeam antenna systems, we boost capacity by splitting the main power beam into multiple beams that are perfectly aligned.

Our sector sculpting solutions include:

  • Twin-beam antenna systems with low-, high-, and multiband options
  • Five-beam antenna systems with low- and high-band options
  • 18-beam antenna system—an industry first, only available through CommScope
  • Cell on Wheel (CoW) flexibility
  • Quick and easy to deploy

With thousands of deployments around the world, we're a global leader in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of sector sculpting solutions. We'll make sure the coverage at your outdoor open stadium or concert hall is powerful and precise, a productivity boost that will satisfy every customer—even if their team is on the short end of the final score.

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