Sector Sculpting Solutions

More capacity—where and when you need it

Today's mobile subscribers expect plenty of bars of signal strength and fast data speeds wherever they are—even in a crowd of thousands.

Meeting those expectations can be tough. It takes the right capacity, at the right place, at the right time. It's especially difficult in those critical sectors that have dynamic user density.

CommScope can help. Our sector sculpting solutions deliver superior wireless performance and optimum capacity management, even for heavy network traffic. Using beam shaping with narrowbeam antennas, sector overlap is minimized for higher data throughput. By using this same technology in multibeam antenna systems, we significantly boost capacity by splitting the main power beam into perfectly-aligned multiple beams. Remote beam tilting capability in many base station antennas also adds flexibility to direct the pattern where it is most needed—and when.

Our sector sculpting solutions include:

  • Beam shaping with narrowbeam antennas for dense urban areas
  • Multibeam antenna systems for sector-splitting applications, designed for quick and easy deployment for macro sites and for Cell on Wheel (COW) flexibility
  • Remote electrical beam tilting

With thousands of successful deployments around the world, we're a global leader in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of sector sculpting solutions. We'll make sure the coverage at your outdoor open stadium or concert hall is powerful and precise, a productivity boost that will satisfy every customer.

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