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iTRACS®: Data Center Infrastructure Management Done Right

A holistic, open, and interconnected DCIM suite solution

Data center owners and operators rely on iTRACS® to help them see, understand, and manage their physical infrastructure with clarity and confidence. Here’s why:

  • Open design: Open means being able to expand in whatever direction you choose—adding new data feeds and extending DCIM capabilities at will, without proprietary dead ends that deter growth or create risk. iTRACS helps you leverage the existing systems and assets in which you’ve already invested.
  • Holistic management: The information you need to effectively manage your data center exists in multiple discrete systems. iTRACS aggregates all these disparate data streams and data types into a single DCIM environment that gives you holistic visibility into—and command over—the entire physical ecosystem.
  • Interconnectivity: All systems and assets within your physical infrastructure are interrelated and interdependent. You cannot modify one without creating impacts—intended and unintended—on others. iTRACS allows you to visualize and understand, in rich granular detail, how your space, power, assets, network connectivity, and cooling resources are interconnected and interdependent.

At iTRACS, these are the DCIM attributes upon which our customers’ success is built.

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