• Six-Sector Turnkey Solution

    Essentially double capacity in half the time

    Need to boost capacity but don’t have space for additional antennas or time and budget to build more sites? 

    Adding capacity through traditional means can be costly and time consuming. And improper deployment can risk service declines, leading to a loss of subscribers. No fear — CommScope has you covered. 

    The Andrew® Six-Sector Turnkey Solution essentially doubles your capacity with the same antenna count. Utilizing a Twin Beam antenna that launches two perfectly aligned beams, there’s no need for a second antenna in each sector — solving a critical challenge for traditional six-sector sites. 

    Additionally, our Twin Beam antenna technology minimizes sector overlap, delivering superior interference discrimination for faster, more reliable service that improves your customers’ wireless experience.

    How do you increase capacity without adding antennas?
    Twin Beam antenna technology helps Wireless Service Providers address capacity demands.