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Website Tutorials

WebIntro     Website Introduction/Overview - UPDATED!
This video is a brief introduction to the structure and a tour of our redesigned website, featuring some basic navigational tips. If you are new to our website, then this is the perfect place to learn more. Available in English; (5 minutes)  

eCatalog     Product Catalog Overview - UPDATED!
This video is an introduction and overview to our online Product Catalog, including a tour and navigational tips. If you are familiar with our website, but new to our online catalog, this video will be beneficial to you.  Available in English; (8½ minutes)              

MyProjectsComp     How to Use the 'My Projects' Feature on (Complete Video)
This video is a comprehensive step-by-step overview of the "My Projects" feature on the CommScope website. Available in English; (14¼ minutes)
   This video is also available in 3 short segments:

Resources_Th     Resources Area Overview
This video is an introduction and overview to the newly-redesigned 'Resources' page of the CommScope website – along with a brief demonstration. Available in English; (4½ minutes)  

WebTrak_TH     WebTrak® Certified Reporting System Overview
This video is an introduction, overview and demonstration of our newly-redesigned WebTrak Certified Reporting System, as well as a brief introduction to our cTrak™ mobile app. Available in English; (4½ minutes)