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Aug 29, 2017

How to Make Metro Cells Easier to Deploy

Not sure which metro cell solution meets your requirements? Maybe you need more options. Flexibility is the key to success, says Mike Fabbri in this blog post. Use the new metro cell planning tool to find the CommScope equipment that best meets your needs.
Jul 23, 2017

Optimizing Networks for Capacity: A Planning Guide

Densification. Efficiency. Spectrum. Three areas to explore for adding capacity in wireless networks. Check out this blog by Dr. Mohamed Hamdy and the related planning guide for an in-depth analysis.
Mar 10, 2017

What are the technology challenges of 5G?

Implementing 5G has its technological challenges. It will require exploiting millimeter wave frequency bands, which has been formidable so far. In this video blog post, Ray Butler explains more about the 5G technology hurdles the wireless industry is working to surmount.
Feb 21, 2017

Check out the narrowest 1400 MHz capable multiband antenna

New frequency bands are being rolled out in the wireless industry. CommScope is supporting them with ultra-wideband antennas, including the narrowest 1400 MHz capable multiband antenna on the market today. Marty Zimmerman explains more in this video blog, posted in anticipation of Mobile World Congress 2017.