We are at a critical crossroads in the evolution of wireless networks. The release of 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands for 5G has put operators on the fast track to a truly next-generation definition of connectivity.

The winners in this race will be those who choose the right infrastructure solutions for their current 3G and LTE networks – solutions that set them up to succeed in the 5G rollout. 

CommScope has seen this moment coming for a long time, and we can help you conquer it.

Going forward, operators will be densifying more than ever, supporting more bands and deploying more small cell sites and upgrading macro cell sites in more diverse locations to provide the capacity and speed demanded by our coming 5G world. We build the solutions that deliver optimal spectrum efficiency, boosting capacity and reliability across the entire RF path, so your network can support more bands through both existing macro cell sites and new small cell site deployments. 

From antennas to combiners to RF and fiber infrastructure that’s built for performance, CommScope is ready to work with you to take on the future together.

Take a look at the many ways CommScope is leading the way for a simpler, more efficient 5G world.


Base Station Antenna Solutions eBook


Base Station Antenna Solutions

MIMO Antenna Solutions eBook


Multiband antenna solutions


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