This is the fiber infrastructure that unlocks 5G potential.

Solutions and smarts, technology and technique. CommScope pushes what’s possible for your network.

More capacity. More bandwidth. More connections in more places. CommScope knows what it takes to travel the 5G path, and we’ve mapped out all the fiber-optic must-haves for your growing network. Densification is where it all starts, and CommScope has you covered from every angle.

  • Outdoor small cells deliver more capacity and flexibility with our multi-fiber drop cables and jumpers featuring hardened connections.
  • Macro cell sites support more bands and capacity—with denser fiber connectivity to the tower top—using high fiber-count mmWave radios, integrated antenna/radio units, and high fiber-count trunk and jumper cables.
  • Densification technologies double a site’s number of connected users, allow uplink and downlink on a single fiber, and support multiple radios on the same fibers.
  • PIM management and quality testing with optical taps that enable easy monitoring and testing of network performance.
The path to 5G is paved in fiber—and we can show you exactly how to get there.
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