Responsible Minerals Sourcing

Mineral Sourcing

CommScope complies with the conflict minerals provisions in the Dodd Frank Act enacted in the U.S. This act requires publicly traded companies to disclose the source of certain minerals incorporated in or used to produce their products.

As a globally active, socially responsible company, CommScope partners only with reputable organizations to source the minerals and raw materials we use. Since we provide telecommunications equipment, our solutions may include gold, tin, tantalum or tungsten. These minerals are either necessary for product functionality or may be used in the production process.

We expect our suppliers to follow the same standard. This includes:

  • Avoiding the use of conflict minerals by sourcing materials only from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers
  • Complying with Dodd-Frank regulations regarding conflict minerals and providing CommScope with legally required compliance documentation 
  • Conducting a reasonable country-of-origin inquiry (RCOI) to determine the source of tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold (commonly referred to as the 3TGs)

We use the Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Reporting Template upheld by the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition as a standard questionnaire for conducting an RCOI.

We take this issue very seriously and strongly encourage you to review our Conflict Minerals Policy and our 2018 Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report.