CEO Perspective

CommScope continues to fortify on building stronger connections, shaping networks of the future and optimizing bandwidth. However, 2017 was challenging for us and the industry at large. Our overall performance declined year over year primarily due to lower spending by major North American service providers and the timing of large customer projects. At the same time, CommScope was transitioning through the final stages of our Broadband Network Solutions (BNS) acquisition integration effort, a massive internal and resource-intensive project.

Beyond carefully managing our bottom-line performance, we also made significant progress in anticipating upcoming market needs and took steps to position ourselves for improved growth and profitability.

While our performance in 2017 did not meet our expectations, we are particularly encouraged by our opportunities as we look ahead to 2018. We also are excited about the potential for large-scale wireless and fiber deployments--particularly in North America—as well as growth prospects within the hyperscale data center market. We look forward to returning to growth in 2018.

I remain confident in CommScope’s ability to succeed as we innovate, invest, and focus on growth opportunities. Our position in the market is as strong as ever, and the need for the network bandwidth we enable continues to expand. Explore our Annual Report to learn more about CommScope's priorities and performance.


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