CommScope At-A-Glance


CommScope At-A-Glance

$4.56 billion (2017 revenue)

CommScope helps design, build, and manage wired and wireless networks around the world. As a communications infrastructure leader, we shape the always-on networks of tomorrow. For more than 40 years, our global team of over 20,000 employees, innovators, and technologists has empowered customers in all regions of the world to anticipate what’s next and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our size, reach, expertise, and operational precision position us to enable the future of communications around the globe. We are delivering more innovation, smarter solutions, and greater scale for customers who demand the following features:

  • More bandwidth and capacity
  • Better performance and availability
  • More efficient energy usage
  • Simpler, faster technology migrations

Our culture of innovation is supported by a legacy of excellence. Our experts helped write the standards for nearly every evolution of wired and wireless network technology. CommScope was instrumental in the creation of the following innovations:

  • Cable television infrastructure
  • The first wireless networks
  • The first data centers
  • The first intelligent buildings

We are invested in what’s next.

Mobility Solutions Segment

$1.75 billion (2017 revenue)

CommScope is a global leader in providing infrastructure for the most advanced wireless networks. CommScope’s Mobility Solutions segment portfolio includes the integral building blocks for cellular base station sites and related connectivity; for indoor, small cell, and distributed antenna wireless systems; and for wireless network backhaul planning and optimization products and services.

Business Applications

Infrastructure solutions for:

  • Cellular networks
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and capacity
  • Network densification
  • Network backhaul
  • Specialized coverage and capacity for large-scale events and venues
  • Centralized radio access networks (RAN) and cloud RAN
Representative Products/Solutions

Outdoor Cellular Sites:

  • Base station antenna systems
  • Interconnectivity (fiber, hybrid fiber/power and coaxial feeder cabling; connectors and assemblies)
  • RF conditioning (amplifiers, filters, diplexers, combiners)
  • Installation systems (mounts and monopoles)
  • Metro cell concealment solutions
  • Microwave and Fiber Backhaul solutions
  • Power conditioning and distribution systems

Indoor/Outdoor coverage and capacity:

  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Small cells
  • C-RAN antenna systems
  • Transportation connectivity solutions
  • Repeaters, boosters and radiating cabling

Spectrum management consulting and services

Connectivity Solutions Segment

$2.81 billion (2017 revenue)

CommScope is a global leader in innovative fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions for use in business enterprise, telecommunications, cable television, and residential broadband networks. CommScope’s Connectivity Solutions segment portfolio includes innovative solutions for indoor environments, such as commercial buildings, data centers, central offices, and cable television headends, and outdoor environments, such as coaxial and fiber optic cabling, connectors, and management systems.

Business Applications

Infrastructure solutions for:

  • Hyperscale and large data centers
  • Fiber-to-the-premise networks
  • Buildings and campus environments
  • Telecom central offices
  • FTTx and FTTn access networks
  • Indoor wireless connectivity
  • Hybrid fiber coax networks
  • Enterprise cloud services
Representative Products/Solutions

Wireline Access Networks:

  • Single mode and multimode fiber solutions
  • FTTx solutions
  • Plug-and-play hardened connector systems for harsh environments
  • Fiber distribution hubs and management systems
  • Central office connectivity and equipment
  • Coaxial cabling and apparatus
  • Residential connectivity (amplifiers, splitters, drop cable, interconnects)
  • Closures, cabinets and terminals
  • Conduit and cable-in-conduit


  • High density fiber connectivity (shelves/panels, modules, trunks, jumpers/arrays, cable)
  • Wideband multimode fiber
  • Ultra low-loss single mode fiber
  • Structured cabling systems
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity and management
  • Pre-terminated fiber and copper connectivity
  • Fiber and central office LAN solutions
  • Data center raceways and cable assemblies
  • Intelligent infrastructure management hardware and software
  • In-building wireless small cells and DAS
  • Data center design and management

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