• Wideband Mobility  

    Unclear about your BSA performance in the field?

    BSA Field Benchmarketing Best Practices wp coverBasic drive test runs don’t show it all—benchmark with these best practices to see the whole picture!

    New base station antenna (BSA) vendors, new configurations, new standards—they all introduce new complications that can cost your network performance and revenue. How can you be certain that you’ve chosen the right solution—and that your newly-offered BSAs will perform as advertised?

    Download the BSA Field Benchmarking Best Practices guide
    These best practices show you how to benchmark BSA performance in the field to ensure you’re making the right choice. Packed with specifics and details, this valuable guide shows you how you can go beyond basic, inadequate testing procedures with five advanced techniques that make differences in field performance easier to see.

    Since even small performance differences can have a big overall impact on network efficiency, it’s critical to know how to spot them—and choose BSA solutions that deliver what your network needs.

    No field engineer should be without these best practices. And now, thanks to CommScope, they don’t have to!