New research from Pew Internet & American Life Project highlights the incredible rate at which consumers are adopting smartphones—and no longer using personal computers.

Among the findings discussed in a Washington Post story is that about a quarter of Americans with smartphones use the devices as their primary means of getting onto the Internet. In addition, about nine in 10 smartphone owners use them to access the web and check e-mail every day.

The Post story quotes one smartphone owner as saying, “I’m finding fewer and fewer things that make my laptop all that much better than my phone.”

Ditch the laptop? Seriously? Think of what you’d miss:

• Shopping for a briefcase that will hold your laptop, cords and accessories, and still have room for stuff that really belongs in a briefcase.
• Opening the laptop to catch up on some work while jammed into the cattle section of your favorite air carrier, then having the seatback in front of you slammed back into the precious few inches of space you already had.
• Attending physical therapy for your shoulder from lugging your laptop, paperwork and reading material on a cross-town trek attending client meetings.
• The added step of putting your laptop in a separate bin at the airport security checkpoint.
• The entire booting process. Love that wait!
• The Olympic-worthy balancing act required to use the laptop while standing on a crowded commuter bus or train.
• The special relationship you’ve built with your buddies at the IT help desk.

What would you miss?

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