Have you noticed how fast technology has enabled us to do almost anything with just a simple click?

With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone four years ago, the age of the smartphone began in earnest. Now you can download apps that will tell you how or enable you to do just about anything you can imagine. Add in the popularity of RIM’s Blackberry and Google’s Android, and we will end up with over half of all cell phones in the US being smartphones this year.

You see, knowledge is power. And with these intelligent devices, power is just a click away. Several years ago, CommScope embarked on a path to make structured cabling intelligent. This means we could give our customers the power to do things with a simple click--things that would be virtually impossible without enabling technology. Things that would take weeks or months to do, now take less than a minute.

Earlier this month, CommScope released a series of five videos showing how intelligent networks can make life better for our customers. Check out the video series here. You might be amazed at how fast intelligent infrastructure can enable your IT efforts.

How has your life—personal or business—been enabled with intelligence?

Help is a click away. In this video, see how you can enable your IT team to remotely monitor and fix network problems.

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Jim Hulsey

Jim Hulsey is the Manager of Education Services at CommScope. Jim has held positions in Product Management, Solutions Management, Global Marketing, Regional Marketing, and Strategic Marketing with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya and CommScope.

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